Single Acting Hydraulic Piston

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ajb on 14 Oct 2016
Answered: INFOZOU on 16 Oct 2016
So I'm looking at learning Matlab Simulink. I've been looking at a single acting hydraulic piston system, I've attached a copy of the kind of thing.
Basically I'm struggling with setting this up as a model in Simulink, I understand the basics of the problem but can't think of a logical way to put it down. The example states that the area of the piston is 0.2m^2 the spring stiffness K is 5N/m, damper B is 1 N/m/s and masses m and M are 10kg and 50kg each. To make it more interesting the example considers leakage at L*p(t) where l=0.00001.
I am hoping to be able to plot the position of the piston (x), acceleration, velocity along with how long it takes for the piston to reach it's final position with a step input flow rate of 0.5m^3/sec.
Any chance anybody would be able to help me through this modelling process? I'm hoping that once I have a working model the creation process will become more clear and I will gain a greater understanding of Simulink. I have used Simulink before but never from the very beginning actually going from diagram to model!
Many thanks in advance!

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INFOZOU on 16 Oct 2016


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