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Error with Matlab Coder and MatchFeatures function

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cedric MAGUETA RUIVO on 26 Oct 2016
hello, I try to generate C code for the function below
% code
function indexPairs = matchFeatures_c(Model_Features,Features,unique,metric,MaxRation,MatchThreshold)%#codegen
indexPairs = matchFeatures(Model_Features,Features,'unique',unique,...
'method','approximate');%'Exhaustive') ;
this function is compatible with Code Generation according to the documentation :" Generates portable C code using a C++ compiler that links to user-provided OpenCV (Version 2.4.9) libraries when not using the Exhaustive method"
With the Coder app i always have this error :
1 findApproximateNearestNeighbors 70 This assignment writes a 'single' value into a 'int32' type. Code generation does not support changing types through assignment. Check preceding assignments or input type specifications for type mismatches.
how can i fix it?
kind regards Cédric


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