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How to populate a cell array?

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Ananya Malik
Ananya Malik on 10 Nov 2016
Commented: Ananya Malik on 10 Nov 2016
I want to create an array with 10 rows and each row should contain a [5x2] matrix.
I also want to know
(a)inserting data into it
(b)accessing the data.
Can anyone help? TIA.

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 10 Nov 2016
Which of your points is not covered by the documentation?
There are many ways of creating a cell array. Which one is most appropriate entirely depends what form the content comes in before it becomes a cell array
c = squeeze(num2cell(rand(5, 2, 10), [1 2])); %will create a 10x1 cell array of 5x2 matrices
c = arrayfun(@(~) rand(5,2), (1:10)', 'UniformOutput', false); %another way
c = mat2cell(rand(5*10, 2), ones(1,10)*5, 2); %another way
c = cell(10, 1); for idx = 1:10; c{idx} = rand(5,2); end; %and another way
%... and many more
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Ananya Malik
Ananya Malik on 10 Nov 2016
Thank you sir. The fourth solution looks pretty simple.

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