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How to implement a TCP/IP connection to Lego Mindstroms EV3 hardware?

Asked by Benedict Bauer on 10 Jan 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Vinod
on 18 Apr 2017
Hello everybody,
has someone some hints about to develop a TCP/IP connection to Lego Mindstorms EV3 hardware? I have the feeling, that the TCP/IP Send and Receive blocks from the Instrument Control Toolbox does not work with the EV3 hardware. At least in the list of Instrument Control Toolbox Supported Hardware is no Lego Mindstorms EV3 and it does not work.
Thanks for your help!
Best regards Benedict


Hello there,
unfortunately, the problem still exists. Is there anyone who can give me a few tips where to start?
Thank you very much!
Best regards Benedict
Could you explain more why you need your own TCP/IP connection to the EV3? Does the functionality in the support package not meet your needs? What specific functionality are you looking for?

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1 Answer

Answer by Vinod
on 12 Jan 2017
Edited by Vinod
on 12 Jan 2017

Are you sure you really want to do it at that low level?


Hello Vinod Cherian,
thank you for your answer!
I think that I'm sure about that because I'm already using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Support from Simulink for the kinematics and stuff of my robot.
I want to add a remote control like a game controller and as I understand such things are not possible with the external mode in Simulink. Maybe there are other ways to do that? Another thing that would be possible is to communicate with other robots.
But I have no clue where to start...
It would be really nice if you have some hints for me.
Best regards Benedict
You could install the MATLAB support package and look at the source code. Just be prepared that coming up with your own protocol for communication could be a non trivial task.
I already tried that and you are right it's not trivial...

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