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customizing point names in matlab

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Ananya Malik
Ananya Malik on 11 Jan 2017
Edited: Stephen23 on 11 Jan 2017
Is there a way to rename the point names in matlab plots? I know the following code will label the points from 1 to k.
for i=1:length(k)
hold on
Is there a way to add a label to the points eg. s1,s2.... sk? TIA.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 11 Jan 2017
x = rand(5,1) ;
y = rand(5,1) ;
s = repmat('s',5,1) ;
n = [1:5]' ;
str = strcat(s,num2str(n)) ;
plot(x,y,'.r') ;

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Stephen23 on 11 Jan 2017
Edited: Stephen23 on 11 Jan 2017
Note that you might like to add some space between the points and the text:
X = rand(5,1) ;
Y = rand(5,1) ;
plot(X,Y,'.r') ;
txt = strcat('s',num2str((1:numel(X)).'));

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