How can I adjust the data aspect ratio in a plot with two y axes?

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Hi all,
I am trying to create a Walter and Leith climate plot in Matlab. The scale of the right y axis needs to be double that of the left y axis and the numbers on the left axis should align with the numbers on the right axis. When I attempt to change the data aspect ratio Matlab returned: Warning: Only 'auto' DataAspectRatio is supported for axes with multiple coordinate systems. Are there any workarounds to this problem?

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 8 Feb 2017
I'd set the limits of each axis individually, something like this:
% some data:
t = 1:12;
T = 20*sin(pi*t/12);
P = 30*sin(pi*t/12)+5*randn(size(t))+30;
% Plot the data
[ax,h1,h2] = plotyy(t,T,t,P);
% Set the axis limits of the T data:
set(ax(1),'xlim',[1 12],...
'ylim',[0 50],...
% Set the color of the T data line:
% Set the P data color and axis limits:
set(ax(2),'xlim',[1 12],...
'ylim',[0 100],...
box off

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