Defining type of dataset and data format

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Hi guys
I have quick question. I have numbers 0.354, 0.125, 0.058, 0.023.... What kind of data type is these numbers? Also what kind of data format? Is it called integer data?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Feb 2017
None of those entries are integers. The representation you have shown us is decimal values, but it is unlikely that decimal was used to store them (they would print out differently if it was.)
Those numbers appear to be floating point values. Not enough information has been given to say whether they are IEEE 754 Single Precision ('single') or IEEE 754 Double Precision ('double', which is the default.)
You can use class() to query the data type. You can also use whos to look at information about the variable.
davit petraasya
davit petraasya on 22 Feb 2017
Okay, thanks whos data worked. It did not say anything about data type. I guess it is real number. Thanks a lot for your time!

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