AppDesigner Project not Opening

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i was just working on my appdesigner project and i don't remember editing any settings i just added a simple line of code to send message by CAN . now the project runs normally but when i try to open it in appdesigner to edit the code it doesn't open while all the other projects files opens normally , it just show me empty screen
i restarted the laptop and matlab and it still doesn't work

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Ibrahim Essam
Ibrahim Essam on 19 Jan 2018
I opened the file in a newer version of MATLAB, I think it was 2017a and the upgrade procedures which shows when you open a project from an older Matlab version in new one, fixed my project file.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Mar 2017
Some people have been able to recover appdesigner use if they rename their prefdir -- that is, a preference might have messed something up.
Neil on 18 Jan 2018
I am having the same problem. mlapp file was created in 2016b and modified in 2017a. Tested on 2 computers with 2017a...runs and opens fine. Tested on 2 computers with 2017b...runs fine but won't open. Dialog box saying 'Error loading XXXX.mlapp' but no other information.

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