Unexpected matlab expression error

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SNEHA P S on 22 Mar 2017
Commented: Steven Lord on 22 Mar 2017
function runSaliency('AloeR_SLIC.jpg')
% initialize the Image structure if necessary
if (isa('AloeR_SLIC.jpg','struct'))
img = 'AloeR_SLIC.jpg';
In the above code i get an error of unexpected matlab expression at line "function runSaliency('AloeR_SLIC.jpg')". The error is shown at the place where imagename is given. How should i solve this?

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 22 Mar 2017
Edited: James Tursa on 22 Mar 2017
For function definitions, you need to have variable names for the input argument list, not explicit values. E.g., this line
function runSaliency('AloeR_SLIC.jpg')
should look something like this instead
function runSaliency(image_file_name)
where image_file_name is the name of the input variable to the function.
Then downstream in your code, this stuff
if (isa('AloeR_SLIC.jpg','struct'))
img = 'AloeR_SLIC.jpg';
should look something like this instead
if (isa(image_file_name,'struct'))
img = 'AloeR_SLIC.jpg';
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 22 Mar 2017
To supplement James's explanation, you specify the specific file name you want to process when you call runSaliency, not when you define runSaliency.
>> runSaliency('AloeR_SLIC.jpg')

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