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why i cant save files in my standalone app

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Ibrahim Essam
Ibrahim Essam on 18 May 2017
Commented: Adam on 19 May 2017
when i try to save polygon.mat through my standalone app like this
i get this error
Error using save Cannot create 'polygon.mat' because 'C:\Users\PC~1\AppData\Local\Temp\PC\mcrCache9.2\app5\output' does not exist. Error in app_new/pb_save_polygon_points (line 4131) Error in appdesigner.internal.service.AppManagementService/tryCallback (line 191) Error in matlab.apps.AppBase>@(source,event)tryCallback(appdesigner.internal.service.AppManagementService.instance(),app,callback,requiresEventData,event)
Error using matlab.ui.control.internal.controller.ComponentController/executeUserCallback (line 310) Error while evaluating Button PrivateButtonPushedFcn.
so i tried to make dir called output like this
it created the dir in the program installation folder not in this mcrCache9.2\app5\output' folder
so i want to know how to do this im really confused thanks in advance

Answers (2)

Adam on 18 May 2017
doc mkdir
takes arguments that allow you to specify the parent folder. Never just call it with the name of the folder you want to create unless you are working in some temporary quick script and are happy for it to just create it in your working directory.
Usually, even if you do want to create it in the current directory it is good practice to include a full path.

Jan on 18 May 2017
mkdir(fullfile(ctfroot, '\output'));
save(fullfile(ctfroot, '\output\polygon'));
I would not write to the installation folder. What about using the user folder or the standard documents folder?
Adam on 19 May 2017
You must have code that deletes the file in that case. Or something on your computer nothing to do with Matlab that is deleting files for you in that location.

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