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How to export data into CSV file with Raspberry Pi 3 + Simulink

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I am working on a project in which I am reading in a signal from a USB soundcard that's connected to my Raspberry Pi 3. This signal is processed in Simulink through 2 different types of filters and I can plot the resulting signals in the Simulink Timescope. My goal is to run this Simulink application as a stand-alone application on a Raspberry Pi 3. Now instead of plotting the 2 signals, I want to export them as data to a CSV file. I couldn't find any Simulink blocks that enables me to do this. Or how to export the data to a CSV file when I run external mode in Simulink.
So I would like to export my data to a CSV file, while running the application on the Raspberry Pi 3. How can this be accomplished?

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Arnav Mendiratta
Arnav Mendiratta on 12 Jun 2017
If you are running a Simulink model in external mode, the executable gets loaded to the hardware and runs as a process to constantly feed data back to the host model via TCP/IP protocol.
If you are using a scope within your model, you can log the signals from scope to save this data.
There are number of approaches you could use to save and log the data from your Simulink model. Based on your requirements, you can use any of them. These are documented on the following page:
Specifically for the Raspberry pi, you might want to check this discussion for saving the data on Rasperry pi hardware.

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