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Andreas on 3 Apr 2012
Hello, I connected an ac voltage source to a voltage sensor and then trough a ps-to-simulink converter to a scope, in order to see the voltage graph. I use an ode23t solver and the only thing I get is a straight line on the x axis (with value ewual to 0). No sinewave looking voltage/ I set simulation time to 0.1. Why is this happening? Do I need to use different blocks? SCOPE is not appropriate for simscape and physical signals?

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Doug Eastman
Doug Eastman on 3 Apr 2012
To see the sinusoidal voltage variation you need to reduce the step size of the simulation. Go to Simulation -> Configuration Parameters and change the Max step size parameter to be smaller than 1/(2*frequency). For example if the AC frequency is 60 Hz, set the parameter to be 1/120 or 1/240.
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K E on 3 Apr 2012
This blog entry may be helpful,

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Andreas on 9 Apr 2012
I actually used a really low step like 1e-5 and it workd ok, since the sampling freq increased. I believe that refining is something like interpollating, so it justs recalculates intermediate steps (those that have not been actually sampled).
Any way thank you.

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