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RuiQi on 6 Jul 2017
Commented: RuiQi on 13 Jul 2017
I have 2 subplots in my figure and a legend that has been manually repositioned below the plots. May I know if it is possible to
1. Increase the spacings between each legend entry (thus making the width of the entire legend wider) ?
2. Increase the 'length' of the marker of each legend (also making the width of the entire legend wider). For example, instead of SLIC having a marker of -O- , I would like it to be ---O---

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KSSV on 6 Jul 2017
1. You can manually do it via gui (the figure window), click on the arrow mark (edit plot) of the figure. Click on the legend box, you can drag it now to your desired size, it will increase the spacing.
2. The marker used in legend depends on what marker you have used while plotting. So, you need to change your desired marker at the time of plotting.
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RuiQi on 13 Jul 2017
Okay but I dont want to do it manually because I have other plots in other files.

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