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Using R2017a on windows 10. I have a small model that runs within simulink. When compiled, the exe runs within matlab. But it does not run when placed on the desktop. I installed the run-time libraries; that didn't help. I searched and tried slrbuild; that didn't work either.When I try to run the exe within a terminal window, I get "could not open " a dll, and to use the packNGO function. Where can i find the information to help me compile and run my model within windows? Thanks.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Jul 2017
Have you exhausted all the things in the FAQ yet:
If none of the 12 things to try help, then call the Mathworks because it will be a super tricky, unusual thing that's never made it into the FAQ.
Nina Buchanan
Nina Buchanan on 11 Jul 2017
My executable works now. It needed to be run within the same folder of DLLs created by the PackNGO options on the code generation model parameters. Thanks again for pointing me to that FAQ, which I had not seen before.

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