how use Curve Fitting functions in Matlab coder?

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I used functions from Curve Fitting toolbox for the extrapolation in my script, I have to generate this code in C but the functions of Curve Fitting toolbox are not supported for standalone code generation. Is There libraries for C that contains the functions exists in the Curve Fitting toolbox ?

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Mike Hosea
Mike Hosea on 26 Jul 2017
I'm not sure what you need. MATLAB Coder does support the SPLINE, PCHIP, and PPVAL.
I don't know that much about what C libraries can be found for that, and seems to me that a forum about MATLAB is perhaps not the best place even to ask that sort of question, but back in the old days, if we didn't write it ourselves, we'd go to and search for something. There are some least squares codes there, for example. Most of what's there is going to be in FORTRAN, but the old school solution to that was to convert them to C with F2C.

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