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How to solve non linear equations with three variables? I don't think i could use Newton rapson method. I don't even know how to approch this problem.

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In the above equation following are the only unknowns: γ(Gamma),α(Alpha) and λ(Lambda). Is there any way i could solve the above equation for those unknown? E,ε_a, ε_o and σ_o are constant. I have three data points for σ and ε. Is there any way i could solve this problem? Your help would greatly appreciated.

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Krishna Bindumadhavan
Krishna Bindumadhavan on 11 Aug 2017
You may solve a system of non-linear equations using the fsolve function. For complete documentation please refer to the following link:
The example provided in the documentation outlines the approach for solving a two dimensional nonlinear system of equations; you should be able to extend this approach for solving a three dimensional nonlinear system of equations as well.


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