Simulink: Linked blocks without parent library?

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Is it possible to have linked blocks without having to create a library? For instance, block X appears 4-5 times in my Simulink model. What I'd like to do is to link all these instances together (to each other) so that when I edit one, the change should apply to all instances.
As I understand, this should be done by creating a library file. I'm wondering if it is possible to avoid the overhead of creating (and managing / versioning / sharing) that additional file and having the block "links" in a single Simulink file.
I'm working with Matlab/Simulink 2015ASP1 if version is critical.

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Arnav Mendiratta
Arnav Mendiratta on 6 Sep 2017
Creating a library is possibly the best option for this use-case. However, you can also consider using Model References .
This link discusses advantage of using model referencing over other componentization techniques.

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