Defining a polinomial function

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João on 21 Sep 2017
Edited: João on 21 Sep 2017
Hey guys, I need to define a curve that is composed of 3 curves: 1st curve is on the left 2nd is straight and 3rd is on the right. They will be all polinomial curves. The first curve will be: w1(x) = C4 * x^4 + C3 * x^3 + C2 * x^2 + C1 * x + C0 The third curve (w2(x)) will be similar to the first one changing only the restrictions used to calculate the coefficients.
Now the problem is, I have 2 restrictions that involve both w1 and w2. as can be seen in the attach file.
my question is how do I code this in order to make matlab calculate the coefficients?

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