How to check if a point lies in the sector of a circle?

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I have a sector defined by the following code.
theta =30;
a1 = 2*pi*rand; % A random direction
a2 = a1 + theta;
t = linspace(a1,a2);
x = x0 + r*cos(t);
y = y0 + r*sin(t);
I want to check if a point, say [12.5 11.5] lies within the sector defined. Thanks in advance.
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Aida Jones
Aida Jones on 6 Jul 2018
Can you please share the solution. I am also looking for it. Thanks

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 17 Oct 2017
YOu should be having a set of points for sector and the points for circle. Use inpolygon to know whether these points lie inside or outside the given circle. Read about inpolygon.

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