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Transition (animation) between two data plots

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z8080 on 20 Oct 2017
I'll need to make a fancy presentation of my data and I'm looking for some advice on data visualisation (transition between plots).
I have data from multiple subjects, each of which pressed a key as they were listening to a piece of music. The raw data (subject-level keypresses), plotted in Matlab 2016a, looks like this, where each line is one subject, and each keypress is one dot (colour-coding reflects various conditions in the music):
This histogram then counts the keypresses inside 1s-wide time bins:
I'd like to first show the raw data, then the histogram, but with an animation in between, to show how the raw data makes up the histogram . Something like the dots "falling" down and accummulating into peaks&valleys (the histogram's shorter/taller bins).
Matlab almost certainly cannot do this, and neither can Powerpoint of course, since it does not have access to the data itself but only to the plot image.
Can anyone recommend any Windows software that might do this? Many thanks!


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