Using a single figure frame for chasePlot used inside a loop

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I have a while loop inside of which I have to use a plot and a chasePlot function.
The problem is, it comes up with a new window figure each time the loop runs. I somehow want a single frame which can be updated rather than each time making a new window and figure for it.
Anybody knows how to prevent a new figure in each loop so that one figure is there and that keeps on updating.

Accepted Answer

Greg Dionne
Greg Dionne on 14 Nov 2017
If you have a handle to the axes you are using you can pass it to the 'Parent' property of the chasePlot when you construct it.
Something like:
hAxes = axes
chasePlot(scenario, 'Parent', hAxes)
Haroon on 16 Nov 2017
Thank you. This works as well but I am using axes only because it gives me a good view of plot in plot. Though I don't know exactly how the output differs if I use
hAxes = gca;
hAxes = axes;
nor I know which one is better in my case.

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