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Clearing plotCoverageArea plot in each loop while keeping a previous birdsEyePlot in the figure

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I have code in which birdsEyePlot is supposed to be the boundary/background for my sensor plot.
I have incoming continuous ( while loop) sensor data which is plotted with plotCoverageArea.
When I use cla, it clears both birdsEyePlot and plotCoverageArea. When I don't use it, the plotCoverageArea overlaps the others and I cannot see data properly.
How can I keep birdsEyePlot in the figure window intact as background, while plotCoverageArea plot to be cleared and plotted again (or updated) in each loop.
The file is attached, I hope someone has answer.

Accepted Answer

Greg Dionne
Greg Dionne on 17 Nov 2017
Edited: Greg Dionne on 17 Nov 2017
Hi Haroon,
Don't create a new plotter every time in the loop. Just use plotCoverageArea() inside the loop for the coverage area plotter you defined outside the loop.
Something like:
% create a new bird's-eye plot
bep = birdsEyePlot( ... )
% create coverage area plotters and legend entries for left1, left2, and left3.
capLeft1 = coverageAreaPlotter(bep, 'DisplayName', 'DetectLeft1')
capLeft2 = coverageAreaPlotter(bep, 'DisplayName', 'DetectLeft2')
capLeft3 = coverageAreaPlotter(bep, 'DisplayName', 'DetectLeft3')
while < do something >
% update the coverage area for capLeft1
plotCoverageArea(capLeft1, ...)
% update the coverage area for capLeft2
plotCoverageArea(capLeft2, ...)
% update the coverage area for capLeft3
plotCoverageArea(capLeft3, ...)
Hope this helps!

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