Viewing Source Code in built in simulink block?

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Hi can someone tell me how I can view the matlab source code for a built in simulink block? I am trying to make a modified accumulator block for my simulink model and I'd like to know how the built in simscape version is implemented. I have matlab version r2010b. Thanks

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K E on 2 May 2012
Based on this answer, I think you may not be able to see the source code.

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Chandana on 24 Jul 2012
Thanks for the help!

hasan kasem
hasan kasem on 14 Jan 2021
To generate code, you must make the following changes:
  1. In the Modeling tab of the model toolstrip, click Model Settings. The Configuration Parameters dialog opens. Navigate to the Code Generation tab, select the Generate code only parameter, and click Apply.
  2. In the Apps gallery, click Simulink Coder. The C Code tab appears. Click the Generate Code icon ().

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