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how to shift origin or graph without changing the data value.

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Let's say you have a (x,y) = (1,1) however is there a possible way to show another quadrant of the graph? Every time i try to set the limit, it just changes the interval and does nothing to it. Please help. i looked into x1 =gca?? ax.XAxisLocation? i am not too sure how to utilize these functions nor what they do please help!!

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 3 Feb 2018
It’s easier to demonstrate if you plot something in all four quadrants.
x = [-1 1 -1 1];
y = [-1 1 1 -1];
plot(x, y, 'pg', 'MarkerSize',10, 'MarkerFaceColor','g')
Ax = gca;
Ax.XAxisLocation = 'origin';
Ax.YAxisLocation = 'origin';
axis([-1.5 1.5 -1.5 1.5])
grid on

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