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unheard of ptitle command.. what is this???

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so i am pulling out data from excel files as my input and export all my calculated data from matlab to excel output. So far everything has been great. But i ran into a trouble when i was titling my graph and had an error that matlab is unable to title my graph. After doing some googling, people were using command ptitle. Can you please explain what ptitle is?? this is really really confusing.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Feb 2018
I do not seem to find anyone using a ptitle() command. I find some people using a variable named ptitle or pTitle.
I speculate that you are getting a message similar to "String scalar or character vector must have valid interpreter syntax", which can happen if the string you are trying to use has '\' characters or '{' characters. If that is happening to you, then when you call title() add the parameter/value pair 'interpreter', 'none'

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Feb 2018
It's probably a custom written m-file that you don't have. Try just replacing with title() and see if that works for you. Or else ask the people you got the Excel files from for the function.


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