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following is the error while calculating euclidean distance using pdist2, what should i do ..

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testdata =
3×1 cell array
[54×6 double]
[44×6 double]
[44×6 double]
>> traindata
traindata =
8×1 cell array
[50×6 double]
[47×6 double]
[38×6 double]
[31×6 double]
[43×6 double]
>> pdist2(testdata,traindata); Warning: Converting input data to double. > In pdist2 (line 232) Error using cast Conversion to double from cell is not possible.
Error in pdist2 (line 234) X = cast(X,outClass);


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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 28 Feb 2018
You need to convert your cells into matrix and then call _pdist2).
testdata = cell2mat(testdata) ;
traindata = cell2mat(traindata) ;


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Balaji M. Sontakke
Balaji M. Sontakke on 2 Mar 2018
Sir, actually the block[50 X 6] contains 'minutiae' information which contains the following data in columns [X, Y, CN, Theta, Flag, 1]and rows contains number of minutiae information on the dorsalhandvein. if i go like this the matrix size increase, so I want to reduce minutiae information which is in row. sir is there any function to reduce row size.

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