how to find max and min using for loop, and if condition, without using the max and min function?

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so i have this text file (hwk3_input.txt) that is very large, 1140 X 1 I have a matrix, i called this matrix A. I need to use for loop to find the max and min value
this is what i got so far but i'm not understanding how to set it up.. can someone please help me?!
A= load('hwk3_input.txt');
n = length(A);
for i = 1:n
if A(i) < length(i)

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Mar 2018
You need to set a value called theMax and set it to -inf before the loop:
theMax = -inf;
theMin = +inf;
Then in the loop check if A(i) is less than theMin or more than theMax.
if A(i) < theMin
If it is, set the min or max to the current value of A(i). Give it a try and if you need more help with your homework give you most recent code version.

Rabia Shahid
Rabia Shahid on 8 Jul 2020

Can someone help me? How to find minimum of an array using for loop?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Jul 2020
Edited: Image Analyst on 8 Jul 2020
If m is your array:
mMin = inf;
for k = 1 : numel(m)
if m(k) < mMin
mMin = m(k);
This should work for any number of dimensions.

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