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Can not find the rs.getMATFile

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John Judge
John Judge on 23 Mar 2018
Edited: John Judge on 3 Apr 2018
I have made should I have all the coder add-ons, but going through the steps listed here. When I get to the step of getting the MAT file. I get an error.


Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 28 Mar 2018
Hi John, Are you logging some signals on your Simulink model? Is MAT File logging enabled? Also you are looking up at the old documentation pages. Please use the new Documentation
John Judge
John Judge on 2 Apr 2018
I thought the MAT-file is needed for doing the modeling the drone? Do you have a link to the "New Documentation"?
What am I missing when it comes to the Mat-file?

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