How to find and replace within *.mlx (Live Scripts), across multiple files?

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As of R2018a, Matlab does not offer any way to search and replace text, across multiple files. This is a must-have for refactoring larger code bases. (Third-party) UltraEdit's feature "Find/replace in files" is extremely versatile with *.m files, but does not work at all on Matlab's binary format *.mlx (Live Script).
Has anyone found an effective tool? Or will this likely be an ongoing limitation of *.mlx ?
Update 5/10/2018 : one workaround is to conscientiously create M files for all MLX files, which can then be searched normally. In Live Editor, "Save As" M file. Note that as of R2018a, Live Editor does not offer "Save Copy As".

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adams13 on 1 Jun 2018
There are convert functions (see here ): from mlx to m
from m to mlx
Works like
%%Save as a .m file for easy source control
mlx_file = 'MyFile.mlx';
m_file = 'MyFileCopy.m';
disp(['Save ' m_file])
matlab.internal.liveeditor.openAndConvert(mlx_file, m_file);
You can convert all .mlx files to .m using a script, perform an edit and convert back with another script.
adams13 on 4 Sep 2019
The "grown up" development environments like Visual Studio (and many others) use essentially text files for the source code and probably some binary files for the internal stuff that can be easily recreated. This way you can always see in the source control what exactly was changed in every file. You can also see in which changeset (or revision) and from wich developer every line of the source code appeared. This makes way easier and faster to understand the meaning and the reason and the side effects. Unfortunetly MathWorks is not yet at that level, you get just a colorfull toy to play with. Their technical support even do not know that there is Subversion client built in into Matlab.
I think refactoring (like variable/function rename over files, extract function, etc.) is also quite a far future for Matlab.

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