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Matlab startup error, when Matlab 2018a is opened.

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Sushil on 22 Apr 2018
Commented: Sushil on 22 Apr 2018
When I start Matlab I get this following error below. What is this error and how can I solve this.
Warning: Invalid file or directory 'C:\blp\API\blpapi_java_3.8.8.2\blpapi_java_3.8.8.2\bin\blpapi-3.8.8-2.jar'. > In javaclasspath>local_validate_dynamic_path (line 271) In javaclasspath>local_javapath (line 187) In javaclasspath (line 124) In javaaddpath (line 71) In startup (line 1)


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Jan on 22 Apr 2018

This seems to be a question concerning a 3rd party software. Then please mention this instead of letting the readers guess, which one it is. I guess, it is jBloomberg. Maybe the official support is the best point to start at, see the "Support" menu on

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