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I am new to simulink, so I started going through the examples. One I found, is pe_dc_motor_control. When I run this in the command window, a simulink model opens from the following directory. C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2017b\toolbox\physmod\pe\pedemos The simulink model is : pe_dc_motor_control.slx When it runs, many variables are loaded into the workspace from a .m file, named pe_dc_motor_control_data.m. Without these variables being loaded, the simulink model will not run. I cannot locate in the Simulink model where this file is called out to load. I do not see any user-defined functions-> matlab blocks or S-Functions in the Simulink model that calls this script out to be loaded in the workspace. In the text block, pe_dc_motor_control_data.m is referred to as the Associated Parameterization Script, but I can't find a reference to it in the Simulink model other than that hyperlink. Can you explain how this file gets called?

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Christopher Wallace
Christopher Wallace on 6 Jun 2018
Hi Thomas,
The data file is being loaded in the PreLoadFcn callback within the Model Properties. There is a number of ways to open the callbacks, one of them is to right click on the whitespace in the model and select "Model Properties". From there you should see a tab labeled "Callbacks" which will list the available callbacks for the model. PreLoadFcn will have an asterisks next to it indicating that changes have been made.
Best Regards,

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