Makefile a matlab .m file

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Virtualkeeda on 17 Aug 2018
Commented: Virtualkeeda on 17 Aug 2018
I have more than 10 MATLAB files. There is call to each file from a master file. I want to run this program on a high performance computing cluster. This cluster have gcc and openMPI compiler available. Should I have to create a makefile? Please tell How from scratch? I am new to this topic.
or Should I have to convert my .m files to c/c++? there are more than 1000 lines of codes.
Virtualkeeda on 17 Aug 2018
No it does not. Thats the problem. Otherwise it would have been simple compilation.

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Answers (1)

Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 17 Aug 2018
One option is to deploy your code using either MATLAB Compiler or MATLAB Coder. There's an overview of those two processes here:
Both of those approaches allow the execution of MATLAB code without MATLAB being installed.
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Virtualkeeda on 17 Aug 2018
I am actually using matlab coder. But I am facing too much of restrictions while converting to C,especially in Structs.
I was just wondering it would have been easy if matlab compilers were installed on the hpc clusters. Probably not MATLAB (licensed) but Octave (may be).
Well, thanks for the answer Ryan. I guess converting to c is the ultimate solution.

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