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Display signals from the activated variant subsystem in a sleek manner

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Hi there! I am using a variant subsystem to run simulations controlled by conditions. I wonder if there is a sleek way, preferably an interactive instead of programmatic one, to capture desired signals only from within the ACTIVATED variant subsystem without having to pass them as outputs?
What I can now implement as alternatives are:
1. Pass these desired signals as outputs and use the floating block/signal viewer to access the signals at the parent level.
2. Use multiple floating blocks/signal viewers to access all variant systems
Both of these methods are not cool enough and are not favorable from a graphical point of view. I would appreciate if you guys can come up with something cool. Thanks in advance!

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TAB on 29 Aug 2018
Edited: TAB on 29 Aug 2018
Another way is to log the signal to base workspace and anlyze on Simulink Data Inspector.
You can connect just Terminate or Display blocks to output signal if you dont want to pass then as output to any other block.
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