I am using the videoPlayer function from the Computer Vision tool box. The example script I got from Mathworks is working Ok. I am having a problem saving video

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The script i am using is based on the Mathworks script videotrafficgmm.m . I have adapted it to my needs and the videoPlayer shows excellent results. I desired to save the movie shown in the video player in .avi or .mp4 format show I can show the results on computers that don't have the Computer Vision toolbox. How can I do this? I have been trying getframe but it wants a current axis not a videoPlayer object

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Ashutosh Prasad
Ashutosh Prasad on 3 Sep 2018
You can use the writeVideo function to save the video frame by frame. For instance consider you have a video file 'myVideo.avi', you can run the following code to save the video to a file named 'myNewVideo'.
vidReader = VideoReader('myVideo.avi');
v = VideoWriter('myNewVideo','Archival');
while hasFrame(vidReader)
frameRGB = readFrame(vidReader);
frameGray = rgb2gray(frameRGB);
Let me know if this solves your problem.

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