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How to retrieve z value from surf plot given x and y?

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I got a surface useing:
s= surf(X, Y, Z)
Since the X, Y, and Z are discrete, I want to get the consecutive value of Z. For example, the origin data X and Y are all integers, and I don't the relationship between XY and Z, I want to get the z value where X = 1.87 and Y = 2.9. Is it possible? What should I do?

Accepted Answer

Cedric on 19 Sep 2018
Edited: Cedric on 19 Sep 2018
where Xq and Yq are defined using the values given in your question.
Cedric on 19 Sep 2018
Unless I misunderstand your question, you can just set
Xq = 1.87 ;
Yq = 2.9 ;
and have Zq with
Zq = interp2( X, Y, Z, Xq, Yq ) ;

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