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Licence renewal too frequently required for student version

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R Miller
R Miller on 1 Oct 2018
Commented: dpb on 2 Oct 2018
Hi i am a graduate student at CSUF, lately my provided student version of matlab requires me to update my license every 14 days, is there a reason for this?
-Ross Miller


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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 2 Oct 2018
If it is a Student Version purchased from the MathWorks website, then it is (techncically should not) needed.
If you access a license provided to students by your university, then it is not a student version, but a general academic version. Often a "Total Academic Heacount" campus license. There are a few options how the university can provide licenses to reseachers and students, so I need to speculate a bit about your case, but I never heard of an enforced 2-week-license update.


Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 2 Oct 2018
I looked-up the license you are using and suggest you contact your IT to narrow down if they think it is by design or related to a technical issues. Technical issues of this kind can be resolve with MathWorks Installation Support. If it is by design, I personally would agree it is not very user-friendly. I will send you an email with the name of the MathWorks sales representative you can contact in the case your university IT suggests a license update do frequently is by design.

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