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Error using VideoReader/init

Asked by A.Mariya Jomet on 27 Nov 2018
Latest activity Commented on by madhan ravi
on 1 Dec 2018
while running the code
v = VideoReader('test.avi');
I get an error
Error usingVideoReader/init (line 619)
The file requires the following codec(s) to be installed on your system:
Error in VideoReader (line 172)
Error in vid2frame (line 7)
v = VideoReader('test.avi');
How to solve this?
I am using Matlab R2016a
I have downloaded cvid file and copied the 'dil' file as per the procedure. But still I'm getting the same error.
please help me. it's urgent


Got solution from
The issue was the combination of that specific codec and my 64 bit version of MATLAB. Currently 64 bit cidec for Cinepak is non-existent. So I had 2 options;
  1. Convert the file to another codec or to an uncompressed version.
  2. Install or get access to a 32-bit version of MATLAB
So I chose mpeg file format for my video and the code worked properly.
Anyone can do this.
madhan ravi
on 1 Dec 2018
@A Mariya Jomet put it in the answer section and accept it so that people having the same problem will find the solution

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