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Calculating time component on a function

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I have a function and I run it through a for loop a certain amount of times and every time I go through an iteration I want to compute the amount of time it takes for the trajecotry to hit the ground from when it is shot out of a cannon. For each theta it should spit out an endtime for that specified amount of time. Any help on how to do that?? Here is my function I am using.
function [x_p,y_p] = BowmanHW3_ProjectileEqn(v0,theta,t,a)
x_p = v0.*cosd(theta).*t; %m
y_p = v0.*sind(theta).*t+(0.5*a.*(t.^2));%m
And here is my main script:
%% Problem 1
v0 = 460; %m/s
a = -9.81; %m/s^2
t = (0:0.1:300); %time(s)
for theta = 5:10:85 %Initial and final firing angle with 10 degree increments
[x_p,y_p] = BowmanHW3_ProjectileEqn(v0,theta,t,a);
figure(1), hold on
plot (x_p,y_p)
xlim([0 22000]);
ylim([0 11000]);
xlabel('X Position (m)')
ylabel('Y Position (m)')
title('Projectile Trajectory')
endtime = BowmanHW3_ProjectileEqn(v0,theta,t,a)
legend('5 Degrees','15 Degrees','25 Degrees','35 Degrees','45 Degrees','55 Degrees','65 Degrees','75 Degrees','85 Degrees')

Accepted Answer

Stephan on 9 Dec 2018
have a look to this accepted answer to solve your problem - the question is very similar to yours.
Best regards

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