Building Simevents model with Matlab code. Setting the output switch 'number of ports' parameter.

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Hello, I am trying to build a simevents model using matlab code since it's a big and complex model and is more accurate and quicker to proceed this way.
I am having a problem setting the parameter for the entity output switch regarding the number of ports. When i call the parameter 'ports' in the add_block command, the system returns an error saying that this parameter is read only.
Do you know any way I could get around this?
this is what I m writing:
add_block('built-in/entityoutputswitch',[sys '/os'],'Position',pos,'outputports','70')
and this is what I get:
Error using model (line 53)
EntityOutputSwitch block parameter 'OutputPorts' is read-only

Accepted Answer

Krishna Akella
Krishna Akella on 13 Dec 2018
Hi Marco,
If you are trying to set the 'Number of output ports', have you tried the following instead:
add_block('built-in/entityoutputswitch',[sys '/os'],'Position',pos,'NumberOutputPorts','70')
You can see all the dialog parameters available for the block using the following:
>> get_param(gcb, 'DialogParameters')
ans =
struct with fields:
NumberOutputPorts: [1×1 struct]
SwitchingCriterion: [1×1 struct]
Seed: [1×1 struct]
SwitchAttributeName: [1×1 struct]
InitialPortSelection: [1×1 struct]
- Krishna

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