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sqlwrite - overwrite existing records

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Ben Mercer
Ben Mercer on 13 Dec 2018
Commented: MEP on 25 Jan 2022
I'm using the sqlwrite method to write tables of data into an SQLite database. If there are existing records in the database with the same primary key value, sqlite throws an error. I'd like it to instead overwrite those existing records.
I've seen on other forums that in SQL, you can use the "REPLACE" command, which behaves like "INSERT", but overwrites records with a conflicting primary key, rather than throwing an error. However, it doesn't look like this option is accessible from outside of sqlwrite.
Another option would be to pre-emptively find and delete any records with a conflicting primary key. Is it possible for Matlab to programmatically determine which field is the primary key of a SQL table? I'd rather not have to hard code it separately if possible.
Many thanks,
gaoliming gao
gaoliming gao on 9 Jun 2020
It seems sqlwrite does not have the features.
Use try, catch statement, or use execute function with CONLICT ON command for postgresql.
MEP on 25 Jan 2022
I have the same problem, how can I solve it?

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Answers (1)

Dredging Production
Dredging Production on 29 Jan 2019
Are you using an ODBC connection? If yes you could try whether 'update' does the job:
However, I'm using a JDBC driver, and this function works for ODBC only - I guess.
If you know a solution for JDBC, I'd llike to hear it. Thank you!




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