What will be the specifications for designing 50/60 Hz Analog Low Pass Filter in Simulink?

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I want to design a lowpass analog filter in Simulink for 50/60 Hz signal. How do i find out Passband Edge frequency, Stopband Edge Frequency, Passband and Stopband Gain. Which Simulink block should I prefer?

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Naman Chaturvedi
Naman Chaturvedi on 2 Jan 2019
It really depends on your use case. For instance, Chebyshev filter gives a faster roll-off rate than Butterworth by allowing more ripples in the pass band. I would suggest you to follow the documentation : https://www.mathworks.com/help/dsp/ref/analogfilterdesign.html to work with the Analog Filter Design block in Simulink.
Hope this helps!

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