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[Maximum Timing for Simulation]

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Hi, I have a simulink model and I would to know that what is the maximum the timing value can be assigned for simulation ?
Maximum = ???
>> sim('modelName','StartTime','0','StopTime',Maximum,'FixedStep','0.01');
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Mundrathi Venugopal
Mundrathi Venugopal on 1 Feb 2019
I'm not sure about the maximum time that you can specify for a model.
However If you want to run the model continuously until you stop, you can assign the stop time as below.

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Binh Huynh Thanh
Binh Huynh Thanh on 3 Feb 2019
Thank Mundrathi Venugopal very much.
As above answer, I think that the timing for simulation is unlimited.


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