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Please Help me to combine the following data, Cut the data from the combined data and form a new data (screen shots are attached)

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I need to combine all the data in the workspace above so i created a excel as follows
filename = 'testdata.xlsx';
  1. I need to remove all "/" from the data
  2. I need to cut the data which starts with "M" and Ends with symbol "|" and save it as new data
Please help me regarding the same.
Thank you in advance.

Accepted Answer

YT on 4 Feb 2019
You can use strrep to replace the forward slashes and then use regular expressions to capture the characters.
A = '/FF0A/-MFF0/-LDAO/-FF91/-F98D/|/-F860';
res = regexp(strrep(A,'/',''),'.*(M.*)\|','tokens');
% res{:}{:} = 'MFF0-LDAO-FF91-F98D';

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