How to convert captured frames from webcam into avi format with 20fps.

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I've tried a lot of things but got some error in anyway. Can you please guide me through?

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YT on 6 Feb 2019
Edited: YT on 6 Feb 2019
Well you stated that you've tried a lot of things, but you didn't provide any code with it so that's not really helpfull. I suggest taking a look at how to acquire images from your webcam and after that it should not be that hard to create a video using VideoWriter. Hint: create a for-loop/while statement to continuously capture images from your webcam.
Talha Anwer
Talha Anwer on 6 Feb 2019
I've used this code then it is saving the video but it's not playing when I go to that folder andplay with media player:
I'll be thankful if you may help
cd ('E:\8th semester\Machine vision LAB\Talha Data for open ended lab')
cam = webcam;
for i=1:60
filename = sprintf('153MC%0d.png', i);

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