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thingSpeakPlot vs time of day.

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Mark Clark
Mark Clark on 11 Feb 2019
Commented: Mark Clark on 29 Mar 2019
Good Day
I have a question on thingSpeakPlot.
How do plot against time on the X axis.
Im currently using plot shown below. The problem is when there is a power failure there may be less than 250 data points in that day which then gives an error.
I would also like to include the current day which may only have a few data points.
Notice the time shift in the 3 day temperture comparison following power failure.
thingSpeakPlot((1:250),allData,'legend',{'Yesterday','DBY','3DaysAgo',}, ...
'xlabel','Time Measurement number','YLabel','Temperature C', ...
'Title','3-Day Temperature Comparison');


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Vinod on 26 Mar 2019
Hi Mark,
Can you use plot instead of thingSpeakPlot? Does that resovle the problem?

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Mark Clark
Mark Clark on 29 Mar 2019
Yes, I had to change to plot as thingSpeakPlot was retired.
Still trying to figure out how to plot against time on the X axis.

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