How to use the population in the fitness function in GA

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I am writing a code for Multiobjective GA in which I need the evolved population in each iteration as an input for fitness fuction . The following is the code:
FitnessFunction = @Mobject;
numberOfVariables = 100;
opts = optimoptions('gamultiobj','PopulationType','bitString');
[sub,fval,output] = gamultiobj(FitnessFunction,numberOfVariables,[],[],[],[],[],[],opts);
And the fitness function is:
function f = Mobject(sub,pop)
As you can see the population has to be an input for calculating the fitness of each individual but I do not know how to do it. I tried to use output function but it apparenlty give the results when the solver has done the job.
Has anyone got any idea?

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