delete variable file name

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Martijn Geelen
Martijn Geelen on 15 Apr 2019
Answered: Dennis on 15 Apr 2019
In an exception check, i am trying to remove a textfile that has some errors in it (save under .sim). However, its name is variable. 'newname' is the variable name of the file that i would like to remove and is a string type. Can someone tell me how to do this?
if (size(RowsForSKU,1) + row1(1)) > size(C_new,1)
X = ['Long name file order mixed up, therefore, article ',ReadSKU, ' removed with simulation file name ',newname,'.sim'];
%here i would like to delete the variable file name, however the following line does not work
delete 'char(newname).sim';
OmmittedFiles = OmmittedFiles +1;
%else do several other this to the file

Accepted Answer

Dennis on 15 Apr 2019
Try this:

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