How do I replace missing data with other values?

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Hi guys,
I have some radiation data taken every 30 mins I’m trying to use, the dataset occasionally has some missing values, labelled ‘NaN’.
I have a series of equations which can be used to estimate the radiation (won’t mention them here as they’re not relevant to the problem) in case of missing collected data. I want to use the estimated values to replace any ‘NaN’ encountered.
My raw radiation data is called ‘radi’.
My code so far is:
if isempty(radi)
Rn=%some terms classified in equations;
This hasn’t worked however and Rn values are just being taken as radi values, and when radi shows ‘NaN’, Rn just comes out with no value on a graph, instead of taking the estimated Rn I want it to take.
I have tried isnan instead of isempty and this creates a new issue to do with vector sizes.
Long story short, is there a better method to replace my missing data (NaN) with the equations so that my radiation data set is full?
Thanks, Rob

Accepted Answer

Catalytic on 15 Apr 2019
Edited: Catalytic on 15 Apr 2019
isnan is the correct way to detect and replace nans.
Rn(isnan(radi))= ---- something else ----

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