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load files whith a previus specified name

Asked by Beatriz Sanchez on 19 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Beatriz Sanchez on 19 Apr 2019
hello all,
so, I want to load a file whose name is previously specified in a variable:
name= [(strcat('1beatrixresult Aplha=', num2str(alf), '- p=', num2str(pol)))]
load (name)
Now, matlab gives me an error:
Error using load
Unable to read file '1beatrixresult Aplha=0- p=1'. No such file or directory.
But I know that the file does exist. In fact if I writte it like this:
load ('1beatrixresult Alpha=0- p=1')
then matlab load the file without problem. Any idea of what could be causing this error and how can I fix it? thank you before hand


Works for me, but you might want to clean up your fkilenames. Try to avoid spaces, equal signs etc. Use underscore if you must.
Let's start by generating a data (.mat) file with some dummy data, and the (awkward) filename you have.
dummyVar = -pi; % some dummy data
save('1beatrixresult Aplha=0- p=1')
Now clear the workspace, and try to reload it. Make sure that the .mat file exists though.
%% Now try to load it
% form .mat data file name
name = [(strcat('1beatrixresult Aplha=', num2str(alf), '- p=', num2str(pol)))]
if ~(exist(name,'file')==2)
warning('No file found') % prudent to check
Works for me. If you are on Windows, your filename has spaces, and that's traditionally a big no no. You need to use double quotes in DOS. You should also have a recent version of Matlab as well. Check with ver.
Of course all your (self-inflicted) problems would go away if you had a safer filename scheme.
thank you very much, you're right about my akward way of name the files. However, It was just a typo in the name variable... thank you for you time

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Answer by Jos (10584)
on 19 Apr 2019
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Didn't you just make a simple typo?
% Aplha vs Alpha
% | |

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omg! and I never notied, even when I triple check that :-o
thank you

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