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EMG acquisition sampling rate

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ky nguyen
ky nguyen on 2 May 2019
Answered: Jingwei Too on 12 May 2019
I am trying to capture EMG signal from Myoware muscle sensor and Arduino Uno , but my supervisor told me
that my sampling rate is too low ( only 50 Hz and x= 1x52, x is array of EMG and time ). He wanted my code to capture more data ( x = 1x1000) with
higher sampling rate ( ~ 1000 Hz), and he expect my program only run in 3 or 4 seconds
I am confusing with my result because Fs is high but data captured is not what I expect
Could you please help me ? Thanks a heap

Answers (1)

Jingwei Too
Jingwei Too on 12 May 2019
Dear ky nguyen,
Normally, EMG signal is captured at the sampling rate of 1000 Hz since a lower sampling might not given you much valuable information. For example, you want to capture a signal of x with (1x1000). The '1' is the number of signal and the ''1000' is the number of samples. if you want to capture signal for 3 seconds, then you will get x with (1x3000). The number of samples is 3 second x 1000 Hz, so you get 3000 samples.

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